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Since COVID didn't allow ride our bikes on 2020, we are happy to remember what happened the year before...

Pontedera, Sunday 5 September 2021.
Finally we came back to ride our bikes on the Valdera's hills. About 500 friends jumped on their bikes, each with their own pace but all with a smile in the face and with the head held high to enjoy panoramas and villages , but above all willing to "lose" minutes to gain the pleasure of a photo with friends, exchange a few words and savor some local products offered in the various refreshments (up to 7 on the long route).

You can see more than 1500 photos on Facebook!

This is happened in 2021...
Keep yourself free for the 2022 edition because the "Randonnée mtb della Valdera" will be even more spectacular!

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We are a group of friends who share a variety of sporting interests, including cycling and especially MTB. The area in which we live is very pleasant and attractive for its naturalistic beauties, for this reason we tried to marry our passion for cycling with the most natural and typical tracks of the Valdera. The idea was born in October 2012 almost like a joke and since then we have repeat it untill today with the same passion and the same desire to live sport into the nature with friends. The philosophy of our Randonnée is in fact to share a non-competitive sport, authentic and genuine, without the burden of the stopwatch or the challenge, but in direct contact with the beautiful hills that surround our villages.
For this year we have thought a truly exciting itinerary, which will make you discover the villages of Peccioli, Chianni, Terricciola, Legoli and Castelfalfi crossing green valleys full of climbs and magical paths. All in the name of nature. Don't be frightened if the itinerary may seem difficult and tiring, we have thought three different routes for everyone! One course more difficult for the more experienced and adventurous, one intermediate and another shorter and easier. We are waiting for you, full of passion and enthusiasm, with our same spirit for the values, the real ones, of a natural life that unfortunately is becoming more and more lost in the daily frenzy.


Valerio Mancini - Creator and Coordinator
Massimo Casini - Marketing and Sponsor
Claudio Caponi - Secretary
Andrea Centi - Tracks and Road Signs
Silvano Ciompi - Contacts with Authorities
Francesco Montagnani - Advertising, Photos and Videos
Michele Pitti - Coordinator sponsor and Logistics
Gabriele Rocchi - Tracks and Road Signs
Michele Vannoni - Web site, Social and IT Manager



If you want to spend a day immersed in the charm of the Pisan hills, come with us: we will take you to discover the Valdera with 4 routes suitable for every need.
The tour has a track that mainly develops on ancient paths and dirt roads: starting from Pontedera (City of Vespa), we will go as far as the Florentine province reaching the Rocca di Castelfalfi, passing through ancient villages such as the Badia di Morrona, "Teatro del Silenzio" in Lajatico, Calanchi of Toiano, Peccioli, Terricciola, Chianni and Palaia.

In 2022 we will offer similar tracks than to the 2021 regarding km and elevation.
Long: 120 km, 2200 mt asc - route
Gravel: 100 km, 1800 mt asc - route
Medium: 80 km, 1400 mt asc - route
Short: 40 km, 400 mt asc - route

A good physical preparation is recommended for those who choose "Hard" route

The organization reserves the right to modify the routes in case of impracticability, appropriately reporting these deviations.

If you love ride your bike and you want discover Valdera with your MTB.
Find out hotels and farm holidays our friends.


Some shoot from our last Randonnèe editions

Registration 2022

Registration closed

Do you love ride your bike? Come with us to enjoy your journey with the most beautiful mountain bike tour of Tuscany.


You will be able to register online until May 20, no registration in-place, the cost is 20€.
Athletes not registered with cycling sports clubs will be subject to a 5€ surcharge for the activation of daily insurance coverage for organized events.
Registration will remain closed also in the day of Randonnée

All athletes from 18 to 75 years old and in good health can partecipate if they are certified for sporting fitness. Minors (13 years older) can register only with parent authorization.

Randonnée 2022 will try to let the pandemic far from our thought, however each athlete must respect the anti-COVID rules.

For any dubt write at iscrizioni@randonneemtbdellavaldera.it

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